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Automotive Appraisals

Our Staff can cover all aspects of the life cycle of a claim.  We can expertly inspect and negotiate collision repair claims, blueprint collision repair assignments, complete subrogation reviews, and complete remote desk review appraisals.  We also can complete vehicle valuations, and calculate/negotiate diminished value claims.  Our staff members are licensed in all states requiring a license to practice negotiation.  

Heavy Equipment Appraisals

With over an average of 25 years of experience in heavy equipment appraisals, our team has the knowledge, skill, and foresight to properly evaluate and apply it to estimating heavy equipment claims.  We use only the best in software at our disposal to accomplish the product that we expect to deliver.

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Recreational Equipment

We have staff that hold backgrounds in recreational equipment, sales, service, and parts.  They also have extensive experience in adjusting losses involving heavy equipment.  Our team can deploy at a moment’s notice to respond and evaluate all ranges of recreational equipment.

Ocean/Marine Appraisals

Our Ocean/Marine unit stays current in technology and stays close to the industry to be not only a source of rapid response, yet shows the networking ability to properly navigate an often times, challenging process.  Our unit also has extensive hands-on experience operating, repairing, and researching Ocean/Marine equipment.  We also offer an appraisal service that evaluates market value of boats, and other Marine equipment.  

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Property(commercial/residential) Appraisals

Our property unit, has sub sections that specialize in various areas of property loss handling.  It is our belief that we have to “walk the walk”  not only does the team have claim handling experience, we also have extensive “hands on” and technical experience in all ranges of property, including residential, commercial, and landscape.

E-Nikio is also available for all catastrophe deployments if needed.  

Car Mechanic


Whether you have questions about our services, pricing, or anything else. We are ready to answer all your questions.

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